Saturday, November 29, 2014

I'm an English Teacher

I'm an English teacher, by degree - Don't Hate!  I have a love for writing - I think I
always have.  When I was younger I would write poetry and short stories - as I grew older I enjoyed the process of research and learning - as I earned my degree I loved to teach grammar.  Not so much because I love syntax but because there is a soundness to it.  There are patterns and rules and rights and wrongs.  (few of which I follow in this blog) The English language, although complex, can be easily understood (says an English speaking person).  When it came to teaching, I would  teach grammar over literature any day.  I even volunteered to teach for a friend on maternity leave and teach her 9 week grammar lesson.  Not because I am a saint, but because I like order and it came easily.  Fast forward - 25 years..... I am reminded I LOVE to write.  Not because of the rules and order - but because writing tells a story.  Without words - without expression, without passion, we don't live, we don't share, we don't relate.  A good story can be told again, and again and again.  A good story can bring generations and cultures together.  A good story, much like a good song, (which is a good story with a beat) can create gut wrenching emotion.  God has been showing me over the last year that my story matters, that your story matters - that we all have a story - not a soap opera -- A STORY.   A redemptive story - a story that takes all those characters, and plot lines and sub plots and it culminates with a grand denouement.  We may all have a different beginning, we may all have different characters but we all have an end.  And at the end I want my story, I want your story, to be a story of Grand redemption.  A story with a hero - that rescues us all.  A story that creates a passion beyond, a story that is so far out it has to be true.

A story about a life that was created, to live in a world that was corrupt, to know a baby that grew to give His life so that we may all tell of redemption.   I have a story, you have a story - will you tell of your redemption?  Will you share your story?

My inspiration for story has come from -
@neighborstable -- where dear sweet Sarah brings people together to share and live their stories!

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