Friday, May 16, 2014

A roll of scotch tape

I want to be the fun mom - I'm trying to say yes more - I'm trying to leave a legacy of JOY - so this morning when my 10 year old asked, "Do we have scotch tape?" I stopped myself from saying, "yes, but you can't use it - don't waste it - it cost money."  I did not say any of these things - instead I found a roll of scotch tape and handed it to him with a smile.  I then had the opportunity to watch him play, create and delight - all because I said YES and handed him a roll of .69 cent scotch tape to do with as he pleased.   How often in our adult lives do we stop ourselves or others from playing, from delighting in the everyday - because we have some preconceived notion of what might be right or can't get past the what ifs?  How many times do we tell ourselves NO - to a vision, a dream, a creative thought - isn't time we started saying YES?  Yes, to the idea - the dream - the creativity.  YES to a roll of scotch tape just to see what comes up - today I say YES.  Now for a trip to Costco to buy tape in bulk.
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