Sunday, July 10, 2016

The demise of the picnic basket

I have a thing for picnic baskets.  I love the fantasy they create, the ideal of a lazy summer day on a bright green lawn or a sandy beach, gourmet cheese and wine in hand, with laughter in the air. In fact, I like picnic baskets so much I have several along with items for my basket, wine bottle holders, wine glass holders, special plates and blankets.  I own all of this for the idea that some day I'll be a picnic goer. 

The truth is, in the real world,  I'm a cooler girl - I like one with a strong handle and wheels.  The cooler that can hold a case of water and an entire watermelon.  As much as the picnic basket picture plays out in my mind - functionality gets the best of me.  A picnic basket is a terrible place to store a bag of ice - or anything that needs to stay cold.  A picnic basket cannot be loaded down with a case of water - it hardly holds one french baguette. A picnic basket does not have wheels and is difficult to carry across parking lots and 25 ball fields.

My love affair with the picnic basket is drawing to a close. Using a cooler,  I can still spread a blanket and eat gourmet cheese and drink a glass of wine - but I won't be exhausted from lugging the basket and my wine will be cold.

I'm sure my decision has nothing to do with this amazing new cooler!

I have not received any payment from this endorsement but if the good folks want to send me a cooler -  I'm okay with that!
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