Sunday, May 8, 2011

"Destroy the family, you destroy the country." Lenin

As I sit here on Mother's Day reflecting over my day and the joy (and the heartache) that being a mom has brought me I am struck by this quote.  When I think about society, I run through all  the ways  the family unit is being attacked, from the 25 year attack on men and their ability to do anything right - just watch any current sit-com- to the attack on women who must do everything right - to the attack on our children who are taught by society and the media that their parents can't do anything right - the family is under attack.

It is a struggle every day to guide my children toward Godly life and responsibility - it is work to respect and support my husband when I think I should do it my way - it is almost near impossible to desire to create, nurture and cultivate a harmonious home when the entire world around me says this job is meaningless.

Today, I was blessed by my husband who made a wonderful brunch and then by my children who were somewhat forced to say what was the best thing about me being their mom - I then in turn asked them what I could do to be a better mom - unanimously they replied - stop working so much and just be there to get us from school.  Those of you that know me - know I am around my children a lot - I also work a lot - sometimes the two get turned upside down.  I have a quote on my FB page that states, "I am a better mom when I take the time to be a mom."  In the hustle bustle of life and the list of things I must get done - I am guilty of spending quantity time but not quality time with my family.  (Not all the time, but  a lot of the time). I can excuse it away or live in denial that I am paying attention while my daughter is trying to explain to me her newest fashion creation and I am typing an email while staring at her blankly but this does not change the fact that I am not taking the time to build relationship.

As women, I believe we have a hard row to hoe - our family unit is actively being destroyed - it is methodical, planned and intentional.  The number of women who are in the midst of divorce and marital strife in my life at this moment is staggering.  Make no mistake - we are being attacked and it is coming at us from all sides.

I have no battle plan - except to stop, take a breath and pray.  I love God, my family and my country and I am very aware that if I do not pay attention to love and live in that order - I most definitely will lose not only the battle but the war.
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