Sunday, July 27, 2014

Redeemed... REdeemed...REDEEMED!

Almost a year ago my husband and I attended a seminar - not the one I thought I was going to but the one I needed to go to - the seminar was Storyline #Storyline #DonaldMiller - I thought it was a writers conference - well it wasn't - it was a storywriter's conference - but the storyline was mine - WAIT - WHAT????? The jest was - we all have a story - we all have turns negative and positive - we all have stories that can be redeemed.   A year ago, OK six months ago, I was not ready, nor willing to go there - I thought I was going to a writers conference.  I thought I was going to learn to write great stories, stories that would WOW the world - stories that would make people say read this!!!  I .... DID... NOT... PLAN... TO ... BE... CONFRONTED... WITH... MY... STORY!!!  -

Here I sit - my story, not really even sure what my story is - not even really sure what I know - not even really sure what I want to know - but this
These are my babes - the bust me, they move me, they break me - everything that I am surges with pride and joy - pain and laughter - there are no words to explain, to discect, to imagine all that is or that will be -

Everything that I was, that I am, that I might be - is shown to me in these beings - oh the pain, the glory, the revelation.  God in HIS goodness shows himself to me - EVERY SINGLE DAY - that I could look on these people and see - that each and every day can be redeemed - no matter what we have been through, no matter where we may go - God can redeem it - He can heal it - He can provide and He will prove His love again and again -

 They bust me, they move me, they break me- they are my story ....... stay tuned!

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