Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Assault

The assault has begun - they seem so sweet and innocent and tiny.  Harmless you think.... They begin creeping in with the cooler fall temperatures and they continue to worm their way into your home for permanent residence until the first spring thaw.  As a youngster, I would cherish their coming, I would relish in their arrival.  But, as I have become older and wiser I understand that their only goal is to destroy all the hard work I have put in.  All the sweat and blood and tears are destined to be destroyed by these little creatures.

But NOT this year!  NOT this time!  This time I am onto their seductive ways, I am privy to their constant alluring.  I know they have spent months in waiting for this perfect opportunity to catch me off guard.  BUT this year little ones you will not darken my doors.  I say NO you will not seduce me NO you will not win.  You see my little mini one bite snickers, milkyway, and not so helpful 3 musketeers; I will not even give you a slight chance!

I will .......okay maybe just one.
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