Saturday, August 21, 2010

Road Warriors - Part 2

Day 6 through 8 - We have a brief reprieve from the trunk wars and we are now just fighting the insanity wars.  Beautiful weather draws me outside - inside I can hear mad-capped plans of a 50th wedding anniversary party gone extreme.  I take a breath of the crisp Northwest air and prepare to indulge my mother in some Martha Stewart madness.  It is only 11:00 pm and the table is covered with cupcakes and raffia ribbon.  My cousins and sisters have joined in this game of cupcake wars and we roast each other and tie raffia around paper napkin wrapped plasticware.  I can just hear the ohhs and ahhs.  On the tail end of quality control over the way to tie plastic wrapped ware and placing palm trees in cupcakes - we discover that the cupcakes are back ups - just in case the 3 acres of wedding cake ordered is not enough.  That's it for me I'm off to sleep.  (Throughout the midst of extreme anniversaries we did manage a trip to Vancouver B.C and China Town)
A family member in disguise
Day 9 - The day is spent walking down memory lane.  The party has begun and extended family has arrived.  My children are once again educated on my childhood history and are forced to relive my memories.  I am amazed each time I spend time with extended family to discover people I thought I knew.  I love to watch lives unfold and each one add a new chapter to their story.  Even better is the reality that I am a part of this story and I have the opportunity to be a part of the plot.
Day 10 - We prepare to leave for the return journey - As we pack and load - we impress 4 grown men, who will be getting on a plane within 24 hours, with our trunk tie-down expertise.  We spend a quick afternoon in Seattle at Pike's Place Market and then head for Oregon.  We arrive at our lodging destination around 11:00 pm.  Upon pulling into the hotel that happens to be sandwiched between the tombstone factory and the railroad tracks, I determine that my red neck vacation has come to an end and I am upgrading to the Best Western.  My decision was completely confirmed when I walked into the front office to cancel my reservation and was greeted by a character from the set of Criminal Minds.  It is now 2:00 a.m. I am winding down.  We are determined to take the road less traveled (only figuratively) we set out tomorrow for a trek through the canyonlands as we head back home.

So far, this trip has been more than I expected and less complicated than imagined.  For now that is a good start.

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