Monday, February 1, 2010

Let them Help - It's good for your health

This past weekend we put together a birthday party for my youngest who is  6.

A little background is probably necessary.  I love parties, I am a huge theme party person and tend to channel a little Martha Stewart when it comes to parties.  I also like to be in control and have things go a specific way - which at times comes in very handy.  These traits also lend themselves to not wanting to delegate.

In the process of planning for this party we came up with a Lego-Knight theme.  As the planning evolved we had determined that we would have a knight training camp of sorts, with different stations to prove the party-goers knighthood.

The day of the party - there were many things left to do - frost and set up the cake and determine how to pull off the stations.  I didn't say I was good with time-management.

That morning I had 3 very eager helpers - who wanted to help decorate cakes and set up what they had determined to be Quest obstacles.  It was at this moment that I took a deep breath, stepped outside my normal character, and my need to have it "perfect", and said,  "sure go ahead."

The party began - my helpers greeted the guest, helped them with their craft and led them on a quest.  An awesome time was had by all, especially me - who for once had the opportunity to enjoy the adults present because I was not in the middle of it all.

I learned a great lesson - let them help, it may not be "perfect" - but it will be fun - when the wrapping paper is thrown away and the candles no longer burn - the memories for all involved will be cherished.  Those memories are much more important than the cover of any Martha Stewart magazine.

Let them help - your stress levels will be lower- its good for your health.

These are just some ideas - let your helpers come up with their own.

Knight Party: Planning Tips
Arrival activity:  Create crowns and Goblets - using paper crowns and plastic goblets - sticker gems and foam stickers as desired.

Story Activity:  Begin reading Squire and the Scroll by Jeannie Bishop - on pg. where dragon is killed- (have older child come in and steal the "lantern")

Begin Quest: Armed with (plastic) swords and scrolls - 1.  Lava jump (river of pillows) 2. Horse course (stick horses and cones) 3. cliff jump (window seat) 4. Swamp (jump rope tied between 2 chairs) 5. bubble goblins ( armed with swords chop bubbles) 6. break the code (easy math problems) 6. Dragons Lair (gently attack the older child - with swords and rescue the lantern)

Complete Story activity: Finish reading story - followed by a knight ceremony

Celebratory Feast: We had Dragon claws (drumsticks), Dragon Scales (chicken tenders), Dragon blood (ketchup), fruit, vegetables and cheese.  The kids used their goblets that they had decorated.

Party Guest received - thank you notes with a photo of knight ceremony and a certificate of knight hood.

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  1. What a great lesson that I so need to learn. In my quest to have the "perfect" home, children, Life Group, etc. I forget there are little people here that are missing out on TONS of learning opportunties...namely ME. Thanks for sharing!


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