Saturday, April 19, 2014

Are you IN or are you OUT?

In the last several months, meaning last several weeks - this statement has come up for me several times.  I have been in the awesome position, of once again, coaching high school track runners, at the same time have gone through an experiential seminar, at the same time have helped a friend walk through life changing decisions - so the question that keeps arising is ...... are you in or are you out?  When playing poker (as little as I have played)  - I do know that that is the question that is always asked - are you in, or are you out?   How long are you playing the game?  Well, let me tell you friends, should you have asked this question 3, 6, 12 months ago I may have answered I don't know.  But today, today, I know --- I'm in - I'm playing this game to the end --- I'm playing with you to the end of a broken marriage, I'm playing with you to the death of a child, I'm playing with you to a new beginning, I'm playing with you ---- I'm playing....... Why, because God delights - God delights in  new beginnings, God delights in failed newness, God delights and friend so do I.   So do I.   So I play, I'm in - all my chips, I'll I have - no judgement - no knowledge - just the cards in front of me ALL IN - are you ready to play --- I say I'm IN!

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