Thursday, December 20, 2012

When we know what 6, 16, 46 looks like

"Death is not the sad part. The sad part is looking back at how they affected your life, and how such a great person is leaving. Looking back at the memories and how they went the extra mile to make your life better. How not a lot of people knew how great of a person they were. But the greatest relief is knowing whole heartedly that they will be dancing in heaven soon. I hope that I have the type of impact on people when I pass."
huffington post - we know what 6 looks like
The first statement was written by our 16 year old - after he visited our dear friend in Hospice - the link is to a great article written about the CT tragedy and why we feel so affected.  I happen to read both of these last night back to back - and....I....broke.  If we are blessed - we know what life looks like.  We know the joy, the sorrow, the excitement, the pain.  We know.  Jesus states, "I have come that you might have LIFE and have it more abundantly",  if we know what 6 looks like, if we are able to  fully experience a life at any stage we have life more abundantly.  It becomes easy to be bogged down in the day to day life and to just be waiting for the next stage - but when we see a life that was lived well end - we are faced with the reality of not watching that life anymore.  And we are saddened - I believe for the hole that cannot be filled by anyone else - because we were created individuals - we were created for a purpose - to worship, to laugh, to live, to love.  If we have the extreme privilege of knowing and experiencing someone who was able to live life more abundantly we are blessed.   I think I was so moved because both in our son, in our friend, in my parents, my husband, in family members and friends I have been touched with life and love more abundantly.  And...I...Broke for the sadness of no longer hearing the most contagious laugh that I have ever known, the longing that I know his boys will have when they hit milestones that cannot be shared in this life with their father, and for the absence that will be felt by my husband when he is not able to pick up the phone and talk to his friend.   But as our 16 year old stated, in this there is also joy - joy for the lifetime that will come when we can dance and shout and worship together - with no pain or suffering.  In that I have hope.  The tragedy in CT this week just reminds us of how fleeting life is - but whether that life ends at 6, 16, 46 or 86- we know what it looks like, we know how awesome life is and we long for it to last longer.   The good news......
“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.  John 3:16

As we celebrate the season, that celebrates the birth of Christ, may we rejoice in the knowledge that as believers in Christ we will celebrate for eternity together.  

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