Saturday, February 25, 2012

Have you thought about?.........

A few years ago a woman I admire challenged me to be a mentor.  At the time I thought, "yeah, right - I can't even figure out my own life let alone try to help someone with theirs."  Besides mentoring is for old people you know the women in the bible Titus 2 - those that have it all figured out and can now pass on their wisdom - and they are old enough to have grey hair.  I don't really think that is for me.
Slowly,  God has been changing my heart - slowly he has been showing me that in order to pass on wisdom we must let others see our faults, our challenges, our failures.  If we want to relate, people need to know they don't have to be - can't be perfect - and that's okay - better than okay because then we are in a place where we KNOW we need Jesus!
I have been in several situations in the past several months where I have had the opportunity to mentor - to pass on my brief bits of wisdom and I have found it quite energizing.  In the past I had an attitude of - I do not need to take on anyone else's problems or challenges.  Through these "mentoring" encounters God has shown me once again that if I rely and trust in Him I am not taking it on - in fact, that I should not take it on- but that I should help point these "younger" women to Him and all that has already been done through the cross.   No matter what life throws at us - our affection and trust in Christ and His redemptive power is what will get us through.
So if you have thought about, been challenged by or have had the desire to mentor someone - but didn't think you have what it takes - all you need is Jesus - he'll do the rest.
I encourage you to step out and step into transparent relationship - it's energizing.

Oh yeah - the thing about old women and grey hair mentors....... Only my awesome stylist  will know just how deep those roots run -

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