Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Weeding the Garden

I recently read a statement, where the question was asked, "How do you start your morning?" the reply was, "weeding my garden with a cup of coffee in my hand."  Instinctively I thought, "I like her."  I have been known to weed my garden with a cup of coffee in my hand and a phone on my ear.  Why is this so appealing to me - because it takes care of the job without making it a chore.  As life imitates itself I am reminded that weeding the physical garden (and my life garden) this way can be the most effective.  I may not have it all done at once and it may not look pretty and finished but it is a work in progress.  And it is something that is constantly being worked on.  When I look at my garden and see the weeds growing and think - "that is going to take awhile" and then walk away waiting until I have a four hour slot to do the job the weeds continue to take over my garden and my life.  Sometimes it then requires a complete overhaul of the entire area to start the foundation.  If I slowly weed a little a day bit by bit - the weeds never take over - they are always there waiting to claim the space but as long as I deal with them constantly they never take root.

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