Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Let me Just say, "WOW"

Today the brown truck rolled up to my drive way and delivered to me what I do believe is the one gadget that will undoubtedly change my life.  I can not believe this thing, it is awesome, inspiring, and oh, so sleek.  I had my doubts, I figured it would be another one of those too good to be true items.  Well, let me tell you, this is so good and so true.

Now that I have bated you,  this new gadget in my life is the......NeatDesk for Mac.  The What? you say.  The NeatDesk for Mac.  For years I have been an avid magazine reader - I have stacks and stacks of torn articles and recipes and ideas, knowing the day would come when I would come across the product that would put all this information at my fingertips.  Well, my friends that day has arrived.

I eagerly took my package from the man in brown, opened it ever so gingerly, read through the quick start guide and began my task.  I started with something easy, receipts.  I have been saving my 2010 receipts just for this occasion.  I know from the review of this product that receipts were the best part so I started with the good news.  To my surprise and delight the scanning of receipts was quick and easy, required a little input from my end and will I am sure require some adjustments.  But, what used to take me several hours took only one. 

My brow was beginning to sweat, I was becoming a little giddy.  Would this work, would all my paper organizational dreams come true?  I laid down my small stack of torn out magazine articles, held my breath and hit scan.  Papers were flying, this little machine scanned in no time flat.  The image was clear, readable and able to be placed in an appropriate category.  Oh me, oh my - this was exciting.  Sure, my little sleek friend, could scan one-sided black and white in no time flat, but let's see how you do with double sided color.  Once again, before I could even inhale my copies shot out at me like a rocket from a cannon.  Could this be, I called in the children,  I made them watch, I asked them to scan.  I had to go get oxygen.  Not only will it scan double-sided and in color, it will allow you to separate pages into different articles or keep them all as one.

I can't stand it, it is too much, I am in organizational heaven.  So don't call me, don't email, don't write I will be spending time acquainting myself with my new sleek friend.  Because once and for all I am going to rule this paper world of mine.  And that my friend is good for my health.

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  1. Shannon, I bought a Fujitsu Scansnap scanner and it is the best purchase office wise I ever made (other than my rocking speakers). Just remember to BACKUP your harddrive, because you'll live and die by it functioning. Trust me on this one from experience hahaaha.


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