Monday, April 12, 2010

A few fantasies


In my fantasy life I am an accomplished author that sits on the beach, listening to the ocean crash against the shore and writes awesome novels and someday an autobiography that everyone will read.  This of course is my fantasy life.  For now I sit at my kitchen table surrounded by breakfast dishes, listening to the sounds of my children playing the newest electronic game.  Not that I would trade one for the other (okay maybe I would) but remember this is about my fantasy life.  My friend Andi said I should blog - so this is me, in my day to day, trying to become that famous author - for now I have you reading what I think is enlightening, hopefully humorous and on a really good day encouraging - That is the Why - why I am spending time at my kitchen table surrounded by breakfast dishes.  Because in my fantasy world, what I say matters.

High School 

I have become somewhat of a fan of facebook.  One of the things that really strikes me about this site is that you can talk to and find people you haven't seen in years - this may be a good or bad thing.  As I enjoy my 40's there is some reminiscing about remember when - which brings me to High School - My fantasy today would be to go back and be my best friend- with the knowledge I currently posses.  I would tell myself to live a little, to not be so serious, I would tell myself that no matter what anyone says it really is not the end of the world.  I would stop myself from making stupid choices and I would encourage myself to be more respectful to my parents.  I would encourage myself to not be so afraid of what others think.  I would tell myself you are a good friend.  I would tell myself to pay attention to people around me and the big picture and not get so caught up in the small details.  These are the things I have learned since high school that I think would be good to know when you are there - in the middle of it.  So for one day, I would go back and be a really good friend - to me.  Now I know this can't happen - and part of what makes me who I am today are the experiences I went through.  So maybe, I'll just work on passing these pearls of wisdom on to my daughter.  Or maybe I'll invite a time machine.

super model

So today, as I sit here freezing I am thinking it would be my fantasy to be a super model.  In this fantasy I  would not have to worry about how to stay warm when I need to go running - because I would be skinny.  I would not have to consider what is for dinner because I would never eat.  And I would not have to reconcile my checkbook because I would have so much money it wouldn't matter.   But then reality hits and I realize that if I was a super model I wouldn't enjoy the awesome way I feel when I run for 90 minutes all by myself, I probably would never really enjoy the great taste of homemade chili on a cold night - and..... okay I have nothing for the money thing - it would be great to not have to balance a checkbook.   I am thankful for all that I have and really wouldn't want to be a super model - well maybe just for Oscar's Night.
The Cake Maker
I just made 100 mini cupcakes for my friend Pamela's bday and I decided it would be a very cool fantasy to be on ace of cakes or the hgtv food network cake contest.  Now I don't want to do all the work to get there I just want to stand there at the end when it is all finished and get the 10/k check or be at the famous person's party with them saying - you are so cool you made this cake that's amazing!  I mean what a job - you make cakes - how bad could it be if it goes wrong - oh sorry, maybe next time you'll like the chocolate one.  What a great job -what do you have to do make cakes - how much pressure could be in that - its a cake!  If you mess up you can always start over - if it turns out dry or not good people just won't eat it and you are probably doing them a favor.  Yep, that would be great - a famous cake maker - because then I could have my cake and eat it too.


  1. You crack me up. I wish I saw you more so you could remind me that these days are slipping away and I will not lose my mind, but I will lose the time with my little ones if I keep hiding from them in the closet.

  2. Shannon, did you make these without sugar?!

  3. Shannon,
    Great pic of the family. Love it. Hope you don't mind, I copied it to play in my slide show screensaver rotation. Love you guys!



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